Visit Sand River Getaway and rejuvenate the soul

It’s a sweltering hot day in the Elands River valley as we arrive at Sand River Getaway, situated about 17 km from Rocklands, which is at the foot of the Lady Slipper Mountain.

Sand River Getaway is a tented camp with spectacular mountain views with lots of valleys and ravines to explore. There is an amazing waterfall hike that takes place twice per month but more about that later.

We are met by Janey Kellerman, the daughter of the owners of Sand River Getaway, and she quickly guides us to the pool in front of the communal area which also has views that are breathe-taking in their magnificence.

The afternoon is spend lounging in the pool, chatting with other guests, keeping cool from the 33 c air temperature and simply unwinding from the stress of modern day life.

Luckily it becomes a bit cooler as the sun drops and this means its time to light the fire with wood supplied by Sand River Getaway, who are slowly but surely eradicating the alien vegetation that is growing on the land.

Grass is reappearing in the open fields with the smell of fynbos ever present in the air as the fires are lit and start to burn.

After the scorching heat, it starts to rain, bringing much needed relief to the earth and guests of Sand River Getaway, who come from as far away as Pretoria and locally from Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth.

There are even guests who have set up camp in the caravan site, fully kitted out with all their equipment they will be using on a trip to Botswana.

They regard Sand River Getaway as a perfect dry run for their trip.

Janey tells us around the fire about the waterfall hike that we going on the next day and is excited about showing us the mountain pools that we will be swimming in. She will be taking her swim goggles with to explore the rock pools that make the hike so special.

After eating succulent steaks and chops, its time to turn in and listen to the rain fall over the valley that somehow makes one feel more connected to nature.

Part 2 will cover the Sand River Get Away Waterfall Hike

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Accommodation at Sand River Getaway:

Self catering tents: R 600 peak times. R 500 out of season. This is for two people sharing.

Family deck: Two tents on a private deck. R 1100 peak time. R 900 out of season. Sleeps 4 people comfortably but could fit an additional young child.

Oriole Rustic Cabin

This cabin in the woods is a quiet and secluded unit which also boasts it’s own braai and relaxation area, with a spectacular view. This cabin can sleep up to 4 guests comfortably, in a double bed and bunk bed set.

This unit has its own 2 plate gas stove, gas fridge and basic kitchenware. The ablution facility is just a short walk away.

The communal hall is situated a short walk from the tented units and cabins, and is a great space to relax with a book or enjoy a meal. There is a children’s play area with games, toys and books.

The view is nothing short of spectacular and the winter evenings are made cozy by the indoor fire place. Open the blinds and enjoy the incredible view over the valley. The hall is low lit with solar lights.

The kitchen is stocked with everything you may need, including corkscrews and braai tongs. The full sized fridge freezer runs off a dedicated solar powered battery, and there is a 2 plate gas stove with a variety of pots and pans to choose from.

San River Getaway supplies stock basic crockery and cutlery as well as glassware, so you don’t need to bring anything.

The wash up area is situated outside the kitchen and dishwashing liquid and cloths is provided. Please note that there are no plug points or electrical appliances in the kitchen.

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