Increase in Property related crimes in Jeffreys Bay

The 2020/21 third quarter crime statistics has revealed that there has been in increase of burglaries in Jeffreys Bay with 35 more cases being reported.

Burglary at non residential premises increased from 19 to 31 cases, while burglary at residential premises increased from 69 to 92 cases.

Theft of motor vehicles in Jeffreys Bay decreased from 10 to seven cases while theft out of motor vehicle decreased from 19 to 16 cases.

No instances of car jacking nor stock theft were reported.

Commercial crimes increased from 23 to 28 cases while shoplifting increased from seven to 10 cases.

A similar trend of an increase of commercial crimes and shoplifting were reported by the Humansdorp Police Station who also reported a decrease in burglaries in the town.

Unfortunately 19 murders were committed in Humansdorp during the October-December reporting period.

St Francis Bay reported an increase in burglaries as well as two cases of robberies at residential premises.

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During the three-month reporting period, a 6.6 % increase in murder was recorded in South Africa.

Between October and December, 19 people were killed in 18 incidents of murder on farms and small holdings. Most of the people died at the hands of criminals while some were killed by farm owners or farm managers.

Aggravated robberies such as carjacking increased by 7%, with 77 more residential robberies in the months of October to December 2020.

There were 374 less business robberies during this reporting period.

All property related crimes decreased by 15.8% overall in South Africa.

In the three months, stock theft decreased by 6.9%, while vehicles theft declined by over 20%.

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