Surfing The Alps at Alaia Bay

It’s quite a concept, going surfing in Switzerland. As wave pools continue to sprout up all over the world, the next big deal looks set to be the Alaia Bay facility in Switzerland.

When one starts looking at the Alaïa Bay wave pool build in Sion, it becomes clear that this is the real deal. This facility will be a world-class and authentic experience for everyone.

The Alaïa Bay founder – Adam Bonvin – has worked endlessly in this regard to ensure the experience is mind-blowing, mostly to surfers. “The wave is more powerful than you think, and the facility has been embraced because it brings four seasons of activity to the area,” said Bonvin.

Being a surfer himself, the 25-year-old knew that he had to make it a genuine experience for seasoned surfers as well as those who had never experienced surfing before.

“There are excellent learning facilities, but for those that want something more challenging, there is the Beast Mode, which will provide full-on slab barrels.”

The wave pool itself is the Wavegarden Cove technology, and it will be pumping out waves all day every day. Set to open in Spring, it will kick off with surfers who have purchased the early passes, and then it will run through the summer months, pumping out up to 1,000 waves per hour.

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Talking to people who have surfed Wavegarden Cove waves, like the Bristol Wave and the Urbnsurf Pool in Melbourne, Australia, they all say the same thing – don’t underestimate the power. The wave has serious push, and if you think you’re in for some sort of mush burger rides, you’re going over the falls.

It might not be Supertubes, but these days everyone is just grateful to be able to go surfing. Imagine how grateful surfers will be if they can get a couple of Beast Mode barrels in Switzerland.

Sion, the site of the pool.  is always bright and sunny. In the height of summer, the weather gets into the high 20’s and breaks into the 30’s.

Over the last 10 years, there have been heatwaves in the height of summer. The weather has been hot, up to 35 degrees Celcius. During that time, surfers will be in boardies and bikinis, and it is expected to be busy.

While gearing up for the opening, the Alaia Bay management opened up pre-opening ticket sales. These were sold out immediately. So the interest is there.

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