5 things you need for setting up a moving company

Setting up a moving company requires compliance with various standards and obtaining licenses. Moreover, a trucking business also needs a fleet of trucks and other infrastructure for successful operations.

1.    Certifications, permits, and licenses

Around the world, appropriate certifications and licenses are essential for the safe operations of a moving company and trucking business.

For example, in the USA, USDOT filing is an essential requirement for most moving and trucking businesses in various states.

The South African International Movers Association (SAIMA) requires registered movers to comply with a set of standards to operate their businesses. It is to ensure that a company conducts its business safely.

In addition to this, Accredited Movers of South Africa (AMOSA) is a body that governs the operations of the trucking businesses. These range from waste removal to relocation services.

Hence, if you plan to set up a moving company in South Africa, you must know about the licenses required. Make sure that your company complies with the local and government licensing requirements. One of the basic requirements for trucking business is a driver’s license.

In addition to this, you must register your company with the authorities to legitimize it.

2.    Business model

But before you can set up a moving company, you need to consider your business model.

There are various types of moving and trucking businesses. Some carry freight, while others transport passengers. You also need to figure out the availability of infrastructures, such as trucks.

Most importantly, to set up your business, you need to consider the various costs associated with it. You also need to gather finances for setting up a company. Consider if you require loans or are willing to set up a business partnership.

In addition to this, you also need to figure out the scale of your business. If you are starting, it is a good idea to start with a small fleet of vehicles. You can scale up as your business grows and acquire more trucks.

3.    Purchasing equipment

When setting up your moving business, you have several options for purchasing equipment. If you have the funds for it, you can buy the equipment. However, if you are short on finances, you can lease or rent out the equipment.

For many moving businesses, leasing the equipment is an attractive option. There are several advantages of leasing. With leasing, trucking companies can use new equipment at much lower costs.

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If you want, you can buy out the equipment at the end of the leasing period. The drawback is that you have to give the equipment back at the end of the leasing period.

With renting, a company is not liable for repair and maintenance. You only pay for the duration that you use the equipment. When you buy equipment, the company owns the equipment. Moreover, you are responsible for its repair and maintenance.

Apart from this, you may also require packaging boxes, dollies, ropes, and other equipment for unloading and loading trucks efficiently.

4.    Bank account and insurance

Your company requires a bank account for managing finances. With a business bank account, it is easier to manage your personal and business finances separately. In some cases, you may also obtain better interest rates.

Business insurance is also essential in case of unexpected circumstances. Business insurance protects your assets and ensures to cover the cost in case of an accident. There are various business insurance policies that you can obtain. Liability insurance is the most basic type of insurance that you must have.

5.    Advertising

After having your business set up and running, you need to get the word out about it. In today’s world, there are various channels through which you can advertise your business.

Digital marketing offers effective tools to advertise and market your services to the relevant audience. For this, you may require a team of marketers.

You can also hire a third-party digital marketing company to offer you these services. Despite this, traditional modes of marketing may be equally useful for advertising.


In today’s world, setting up a moving company offers many challenges. Moreover, there is a lot of competition from other moving and trucking companies that one has to keep up with.

However, the most important thing is to ensure that your company complies with the standards and certifications relevant to your area.

Keeping these five points in mind, you can set up your business and have it running successfully.

Photo: Pexels