The Democratic Alliance has brought positive change to Kouga

The DA has brought change and significant developments to Kouga Municipality since taking over government in 2016.

After narrowly losing the 2011 municipal election due to some voters deciding to support minority parties, the DA won the 2016 election with a convincing 17 -12 majority in the Kouga Council.

This outright majority has enabled the DA to govern Kouga effectively and bring changes that have positively impacted the lives of residents in the Municipality.

Some of the improvements are not always visible, like the construction and upgrading of sewage plants.

“The Kruisfontein Water Treatment Works was constructed at a cost of R85, 6 million while the Sea Vista Water Treatment Works was upgraded at a cost of R31-million under the DA government in Kouga Municipality.

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The Sea Vista plant services the wider St Francis Bay area, thereby facilitating future development in a fast growing part of Kouga Municipality, while the Kruisfontein plant will benefit up to 5000 households. ” said Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks.

“Where the DA governs, we govern well,” added Hendricks.

The 2021 municipal elections are supposed to be held later this year with no fixed date set as yet.

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