Steady drop in active Covid-19 cases in Kouga

The number of active Covid-19 cases in the Kouga region dropped to 174 this week.

According to the latest report from the Department of Health, dated 11 January, the cumulative total for Kouga stood at 5 130, including 4866 recoveries and 90 deaths.

The breakdown of active cases per town was as follows: Jeffreys Bay 83, Humansdorp 38, St Francis 27, Patensie 12, Hankey 10, Loerie 2, Thornhill 1 and Oyster Bay 0.

South Africa remains in lockdown level 3 with land borders closed. Beaches also remain closed in hotspot areas.

This has had a severe impact on the tourism industry in coastal towns like Jeffreys Bay.

According to analyst Kuben Nair, South Africa’s daily infections is 50% higher than the peak of the first wave and still growing. Our positivity rate is 29% which is higher than it ever was during the first wave.

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“The good news is that it’s down from last week, but it doesn’t mean we’ve peaked, Gauteng is rising rapidly so it’s likely that GP and KZN will drive a further rise in peak infections. Our 240,000 active cases is already 40% higher than the first wave and will rise further in the coming weeks,” said Nair.

Deaths are unfortunately higher than it’s ever been with 510 lives lost every day; having grown by 21% this week. Despite infection declines, the Eastern Cape remains our deadliest province at 169 deaths daily and growing, followed by WC at 144, KZN at 81 and Gauteng at 58 a day.

“Just one month ago we had 6,000 people in hospital, and now we have 16,000. With admissions following infections, we can expect more pressure in the coming weeks especially in KZN and Gauteng.

I would’ve hoped that we’d be better prepared by now but we are barely managing with hospitals full everywhere.

Exceeding our capacity is the worst sin we can commit as that could lead to a rapid loss of lives. This is why it’s critical that curfew and alcohol restrictions remain while we urgently add capacity,” added Nair.

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