Combined dam levels fall below 20 %

The combined levels of the storage dams that supply Kouga Municipality with water have dropped to below 20 %.

The Kouga Dam, situated outside Patensie has dropped to 9.45 % of capacity, while the Impofu Dam is at 17.96 % of capacity.

These are the two largest dams which also supply Port Elizabeth with water.

Fortunately, Kouga Municipality, under the leadership of the Democratic Alliance, embarked on a borehole project which was funded by National Treasury to the amount of R 151 million.

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This has seen a significant increase of water capacity in the coastal zone of the Municipality, with ground water available for the coastal towns of Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay as well as Humansdorp.

There is still a challenge in the Gamtoos Valley with both the citrus industry as well as residents requiring water.

With a reduced number of holidaymakers in Kouga this season due to lockdowns and closed beaches the Municipality was able to manage the water supply effectively and no large scale water unavailability was reported.