NSRI issues Spring Tide warning

The NSRI has issued an alert ahead of New Year as the full moon Spring tide will peak on 30 December.

Fishermen, coastline rock anglers and hikers, are urged to take heed of the Spring tides.

“We are appealing to bathers to only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and swim in between the lifeguards safe swimming zone flags posted by the lifeguards on the beach,” said Craig Lambinson from the NSRI.

He said lifeguards regularly move their flags when rip currents form and are appealing to the public to obey the lifeguards’ instructions and to only swim in between their flags.

Boaters, paddlers and sailboarders were urged to wear properly fitting and fastened lifejackets while your craft is underway and to ensure that their craft is in working order.

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Lambinon said the NSRI also appealed to parents to make sure that there was a designated responsible person watching over children around water all the time.

The beaches in Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay remain closed due to Covid regulations. The Kouga Municipality lost their court case in an attempt to get the beaches opened during the holiday season.

Beaches will be closed until 3 January 2021.

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