Fishermen rescued at Gamtoos River after boat capsized

On Saturday afternoon, the Jeffreys Bay NSRI responded to Gamtoos River Mouth following reports of three men rescued by a Good Samaritan fisherman after their boat capsized.

It appears that the three local men were on a 5 meter ski-boat which capsized at around 09h00, leaving them stranded on the Western Bank of the Gamtoos River Mouth with no means of communication.

They swam across the river to seek help and stopped along the way to rest on a sand bank.

They were noticed by a fisherman who diverted his fishing craft to the men on the sandbank and rescued them and brought them to shore safely.

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On NSRI’s arrival on the scene the men were found safe on the beach and they were transported in the NSRI Jeffreys Bay rescue vehicle to Kabeljous Beach.

Their boat was recovered and they required no further assistance.

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