Cache of firearms and ammunition seized near Joubertina

The Joubertina Police have confiscated a cache of firearms and ammunition from a farm near Joubertina on Wednesday. A 58 year old male was arrested.

The day long investigation led the Police to a homestead on a farm in where several firearms including 2 different calibres of rifles, 2 different calibres of shotgun, a pistol, a rifle shotgun combination and over 120 rounds of various rounds of ammunition were found.

Investigators are working with ballistics to determine ownership of these arms as the serial numbers on some of them had been filed off.

The suspect faces a charge of possession of unlicensed firearms and unlawful possession of ammunition. He will appear in the local magistrate court later this week.

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The Acting District Commissioner, Brigadier John Lebok expressed his gratitude to the community for providing information which ultimately led to the discovery and the arrest.

“Community support is pivotal in our fight to eradicate the proliferation of illegal firearms. Being in possession of an unlicensed firearm is a criminal offence, and I urge other members of the community to use this amnesty period, which has been extended until the 31 January 2021 to hand in all unwanted firearms and ammunition to your local police station, as it may free you from prosecution,” added Lebok.