DigiNu | Skip The Queue

Long queues, extended wait times, and ordering mishaps is where our story starts.

We’re a user-friendly food ordering platform with a big impact. Our goal is simple, to help everyone save their most precious commodity – time.

While our solution has been in the making for a long time, its benefit is ever more important as the current pandemic scales in our beautiful country. This is well captured by our Founder & CEO, Jessie Bester below:

“The pandemic has and will continue to impact all of us. Restaurants are cited as one of the harder hit parties during this period. Their success will ultimately be determined by how they are able to respond to current circumstances “.

What Does This Mean For Restaurants?

DigiNu is a conduit to help restaurants and customers easily navigate this unfamiliar period and continue to flourish thereafter.

We provide a platform for restaurant owners to engage both their current, as well as unexplored markets, in a manner that’s becoming increasingly expected by customers.

We want to empower our local restaurants to get back to doing what they do best – producing quality meals.

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If you a restaurant owner, you can sign up here. 

What Does this Mean for Food Lovers?

Firstly, we’re local.

The DigiNu team has made it their priority to list all of your favorite local restaurants, who for the most part, are close friends and esteemed community members.

Our platform also caters for three types of ordering options:

  1. Delivery: the food you love, where you want.
  2. Scheduled pick-up: the food you love, when you want.
  3. Dine-in the food you love, with who you want.

So, if you’re looking for a fast food binge, an artisan delight, or a local delicacy. A relaxed night unwinding at home, a timely meal when you’re on-the-go, or a date night out – we’ve got you covered.

Give it a try today. DigiNu, skip the queue.

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