387 Active cases of Covid-19 in Kouga

Total cases of Covid-19 cases in Kouga reached 896 as at 25 November. This surpasses the previous peak of 788 cases recorded in July leading to serious concerns about the spread of the virus during the December holiday season.

There are now 387 active cases in Kouga Municipality.

There are 168 active cases in Humansdorp, 117 cases in Jeffreys Bay, 38 in Patensie, 30 in Hankey, 16 in Thornhill. 11 in St Francis Bay, 6 in Loerie, and no reported cases in Oyster Bay.

In the wider region, Graaff Reinet has 309 active cases, while Makhanda also has 309 cases, which has lead to the Sarah Baartman district being regarded as a hot spot.

Residents are being urged to maintain social distancing, wear their masks and to sanatise regularly to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

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With the festive season rapidly looming and the second wave of the coronavirus underway, Kouga Municipality has deployed 110 Disaster Management volunteers to assist in the control and management of the virus in the municipality.

High risk areas have been identified and the volunteers have been stationed on the streets of Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay and Patensie armed with sanitizers and fresh masks.

The total number of confirmed of Covid-19 cases in South Africa is 775 502 and the total number of deaths is 21 201.

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