Residents urged to be vigilant of their surroundings

The South African Police Service in Port Elizabeth are urging residents to be cautious and circumspect about their immediate surroundings.

This appeal emanates from a recent house robbery which took place in a gated estate in Lovemore Park on 17 November 2020. It is alleged that at about 13:30, two suspects entered the property with their vehicle after waiting for a resident to leave through the remote controlled gate.

In this incident, they targeted a house and gained entry by breaking the door with a crowbar. A 16-year-old teenager was alone at home. TV sets, iPads and other household items with an estimated value of over R50 000-00 were loaded into the car. The teenager was not harmed.

CCTV footage show that the suspect’s vehicle a white Toyota Corolla with no registration plates waited until someone exited and thereafter jammed the closing gate which then re-opened and that’s how entry was gained.

Homeowners are encouraged to wait until the gate is completely closed when either entering or exiting. Always take note of any vehicle that is parked nearby or close to the gate/house especially vehicles with no registration plates.

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Never ‘do a favour’ for any person whom you do not know to gain entry or exit to your complex. Some houses on estates are isolated or not very close to the next neighbour.

Once criminals get inside they have enough time in your home without any neighbour becoming suspicious.

Homeowners in gated complexes should also be proactive and install a security alarm in their homes.

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