Have Speeding Cases increased during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a myriad of issues around the globe. As it started, most countries took measures to curb its spread. This included the closing of most institutions and companies as well as government offices.

This decision had rippling effects worldwide, including an economic crisis and increased drug abuse, among others. In part, this was due to the increased idleness among people.

Travel Bans

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a ban on international travel and interstate travel in some countries. This means that most roads have been open and free of traffic for the better part of the pandemic, and many have taken the opportunity to use the open roads to speed recklessly in their vehicles.

Most of these speeding cases are just from drivers who realize that the roads are now clear, and they can test their speeds. Other cases have been due to the increased need for Covid-19 emergency services as people seek treatment for the viral disease. For instance, in the UK, the number of speeding cases has spiked by 71% during the lockdown.


South Africa included, most countries went into lockdown a few months after the pandemic struck.

Apart from lockdown, others have had curfews and movement restrictions to prevent people from going to nightclubs and other public places to curb the spread of the virus.

As anyone would expect, it’s taken some time for people to get used to this, and some people may choose to go for a joyride in their vehicles to escape the confines of their home, if only for a few hours.

Reduced Social Gatherings

In America, there have been increased cases of drag racing and drivers chasing land speed records. Most of the accidents that have been reported have been due to speeding and careless driving.

The closure and requirements for people to observe social distancing in gatherings have resulted in fewer people on the roads, allowing speeders to try out what they couldn’t before the COVID-19 pandemic. London and New York have perhaps reported the most speeding cases and accidents related to speeding.

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For the Fun of It

Speeding has been treated as a sport and has been rising after the roads cleared up during the pandemic. One major incident of speeding that hit social media was three men who drove from NY to LA in 25 hours and 39 minutes.

Judging from the distance between these two points, these drivers must have been driving at speeds of more than 100mph. This was one of the major speeding incidents that gained notoriety in April.


COVID-19 or not, speeding is a major cause of accidents on the road. Speeding drivers often end up bumping into other vehicles, obstacles, pedestrians, or other people’s property.

The victims end up suffering severe injuries, which can sometimes be fatal. According to Tario & Associates, you may need a good car accident lawyer if you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of a speeding driver. They can help make life easier for you by representing your rights so your pain, suffering, and financial losses are compensated.

Indeed, speeding has been on the rise during the pandemic. This is in part due to the opening up of roads as people are required to stay at home and avoid public places.

This has presented an opportunity for speeders to try out new speed records on the roads, leading to increased cases of over speeding and related accidents.

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