Telkom to add FTTH offerings via Frogfoot

The shift toward remote working as a result of the lockdown has seen an increased interest in Fibre to the Home (FTTH) in South Africa.

Frogfoot Networks, a licensed open-access fibre infrastructure provider, has announced that Telkom will begin offering a variety of its FTTH services on the Frogfoot network from mid-November onwards.

Telkom is one of the country’s major ISPs, and this partnership means that they now have access to over 220 000 homes passed by the Frogfoot fibre network countrywide.

The partnership will be of benefit to Telkom, who have historically been the largest ADSL provider, as it gives them the ability to offer their FTTH products in areas that they were previously unable to service.

“We’re proud of this collaboration with a credible and solid fibre provider that has over 15 years’ experience in the telecoms industry,” said Gugu Mthembu, Executive for Brand and Product Segments at Telkom.

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“In line with our fibre expansion strategy, Frogfoot is the third fibre network operator to be onboarded by us in addition to Vumatel and Link Africa.”

“This move will widen our reach in the areas where OpenServe fibre currently does not exist,” added Mthembu.

Telkom customers will continue to deal with Telkom as their ISP and Frogfoot will purely be the infrastructure provider.

It also means that other customers who live within Frogfoot’s coverage area now have access to Telkom as an ISP from mid-November onwards, giving them even more choice.

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