Handy Apps for Android Devices

Android devices are now a part of our everyday life. You can hardly imagine a situation where you will find it not useful while going about your day-to-day activities. What makes android devices more helpful in our daily routines are the applications.

They range from music apps, gaming apps for real money casino games (visit canadian online casino for more information) and communication on different platforms on social media. In this article, we look at some of the apps that are handy for any android device.

AirDroid App

The AirDroid app is one of the handiest and useful apps you can use on an android device. This app allows android device users to connect their phones to pc. You can also be used the other way round to connect the pc to the android device.

It allows users to share files, receive notifications and an option to quickly reply to messages. The app can be downloaded on Play Store free. However, you can opt for the one that you can pay for on a monthly basis or yearly.


We are living in an era where technology has influenced everything around us. The days where one would catch a bus or flight just to sign documents are behind us now. The CamScanner allows android devices to scan documents and convert them into word or pdf documents.

Users can then easily sign the documents or share them via email or save it on their devices while in the comfort of their homes. CamScanner comes in different packages; you can download one free or choose the one with the best payment plan that suits you.

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LastPass Password Manager

Android devices are used for different purposes with lots of apps installed including real money slots apps (machines a sous argent reel in French). At some point, you may find yourself struggling to remember all the passwords and the ‘forgot password’ process can be a boring one.

However, with LastPass Password manager you need not to worry about memorizing your password. The app saves all of your passwords and stays current with Android updates.