Protect our Farmers says Jeffreys Bay community

Thousand of people took to the streets and roads of Jeffreys Bay yesterday to protest against farm murders in South Africa.

The gathering point at Mentors Plaza was a hive of activity from early on Sunday morning as residents started gathering to take part in the motorcade that eventually went through Jeffreys Bay.

The protest was well organised with no looting, violence or damage to property being reported.

Originally planned to end at around 11.30 am, the sheer volume of people who attended saw the motorcade only end around 1.30 pm.

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Many more residents turned out along Da Gama Road in support of an end to farm murders.

“We the organizers would like to thank everyone who supported the event. The perception that we can’t understand each other, is just a perception. Yesterday we showed South Africa and the world that we can stand together, and it was you who made that possible,” said Manuela Nunes.

According to information from Afriforum:

  • There were 552 farm attacks in 2019, affecting almost 1 000 individuals.
  • That’s 119 cases more than the group recorded in 2018, marking a 27% increase.
  • There were 57 farm murders in the last calendar year – three more than the year before.
  • The year-on-year rise in these recorded killings is smaller than it was in the previous annum.
  • You are most likely to be the victim of a farm murder in Free State, where the most cases-per-province (11) was recorded.
  • 30% of all attacks – fatal or non-fatal – happen in Gauteng, where farmers are at their most vulnerable.

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