Stay safe from Bluebottle stings

Summer is coming which means our shores will encounter strong Easterly winds, commonly accompanied by blue bottles.

Blue bottles have tentacles that, when in contact with human skin, can cause a sharp, burning and itching pain that can even be fatal to those allergic to marine stings.

Should you encounter a blue bottle sting, do the following:

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* Rinse with sea water, and carefully remove visible tentacles stuck on your skin (cover your hands to avoid the tentacles stinging them too).
* Immerse the affected area under warm water. If this does not ease the pain, use a cold pack or rub ice on the affected area.
* Should you experience swelling, nausea, difficulty breathing or rashes around the affected area, seek immediate medical attention as you might be suffering from an allergic reaction.

Always swim at a beach where there are lifeguards who are trained to deal with bluebottle stings. From 1 November 2020, Lifeguards will be on duty at Dolphin Beach in Jeffreys Bay.