Stay safe in the water and avoid rip currents

Summer is here and the beaches of Jeffreys Bay were busy over the long weekend. However, the sea needs to be respected as there are many dangers including rip currents.

Here are some of the warning signs:

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*The water is generally calm, with few or no clean breaking waves in the area of a rip.
* Discoloured brown water, due to sand that has been stirred off the bottom.
* Foam on the surface extending beyond the break.
* Waves breaking further out on both sides of the rip.
* Debris floating seaward.
* A rippled appearance, where the surrounding water is generally calm.
* Rip currents are difficult to identify on windy days and when the surf is choppy.
* Sandbars frequently form next to rip currents.
* Do not be misled by the flat calm appearance of lakes and dams, as they give a false impression of safety.

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