Hiking the Otter Trail for the animals

During the Covid Lockdown,  Louisa Lightfoot (54 years old) and her son Ryan (19 years old) decided they would walk the Otter trail to raise funds for JBay Animal Rescue.

The Otter trail is a beautiful trail, but an extremely gruelling one.  Its either climbing straight up a mountain or coming straight down the other side.

From the top, one can be assured of the most spectacular view, which makes it all worth it.  The body takes a hell of a strain.  During this trip, there will be no huts and no bed/mattresses, so they will have to bring their own tent and mattress!

Their backpacks will contain everything they need: clothes, food, tent, medical supplies and water.

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It will be surfer versus hiker.  Ryan is a really good surfer, a stylish longboarder, but can he hike?  They will start the Otter trail on 3 November 2020 at Storms river and finish after 42 km in Natures Valley on Saturday 7 November.

They have decided to raise funds for Jbay Animal Rescue Sanctuary and for every R50 donated, donors will get one entry into a lucky draw for some awesome prizes.

Support the worthwhile effort here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/hiking-the-otter-trail-for-the-animals

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