Water crisis in Port Alfred

The Sarel Hayward Dam, supplying Port Alfred’s water, and the Golden Ridge Dam, supplying Bathurst with water, are both at critically low levels due to limited rainfall and high user consumption according to the Ndlambe Municipality.

Residents have been urged to limit water consumption.

The Ndlambe Municipality has issued the following Management plan:

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· The use of hosepipes is not permitted, anyone found using a hosepipe will be subject to a fine.
· A dedicated team has been employed to identify leaks and repair them.
· High lying areas may experience low water pressure from time to time.
· Water tankers are available to supply water to severely affected areas.
· Dam levels are being continuously monitored and should water consumption not be reduced drastically, water scheduling will be re-introduced.
· Communities are being made aware of the water crisis through daily loud hailing programmes and radio broadcasts on Ndlambe FM and Nqgushwa FM.
· The Port Alfred Water Crisis Face Book page, and Ndlambe Website contains regular updates.
· The Municipality will monitor water usage by residents and excess water users will be severely dealt with.