Democratic Alliance calls on the Police to act against EFF’s destruction of property

The Democratic Alliance has condemned the EFF’s incitement of violence and the resultant malicious destruction of property with regards to Clicks stores countrywide and has called on the South African Police Service to take immediate action.

“We will lay charges of incitement to violence and destruction of property against the EFF and it’s leadership,” said Andrew Whitfield, the DA Shadow Minister of Police.

“We recognize the upset and anger the Clicks advert has caused to many South Africans however the EFF’s violent response is unacceptable and SAPS has a duty to act against Julius Malema and others who have made explicit statements inciting EFF members to commit criminal acts,” added Whitfield.

“The EFF’s call to violence and destruction of property will affect the livelihoods of thousands of Clicks employees who will bear the brunt of this destruction.

This is especially concerning given the tumultuous economic situation most people are facing after the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The destruction of stores will only mean that South Africans who have already been left vulnerable due to the lockdown will be put under further financial strain should they lose their jobs if these shops have to be closed permanently.

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The EFF claims to represent the interests of the marginalised and economically excluded, however whenever they organise protests mass destruction and violence follows in the wake.

The EFF also never takes responsibility for the negative impact their actions have on the lives of vulnerable South Africans and those who they claim to represent. They much prefer to blame the inevitable fall-out on anyone or anything else,” said Whitfield.

About eight protesters gathered at the Clicks at the Spar Center in Jeffreys Bay yesterday morning and managed to shut down the store.

The protest was peaceful, unlike other parts of South Africa where Clicks stores were vandalized and even petrol bombed.

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