Decrease in property related crimes in St Francis Bay

Crimes such as burglary at residential homes have decreased substantially in St Francis Bay according to the latest crime statistics released by the South African Police.

In the 2019/20 reporting period, 102 burglaries were reported to the St Francis Bay Police, down from 230 cases in the previous period.

Burglaries at non residential premises increased from 35 to 37 cases, while 22 cases of theft from motor vehicles was reported (down from 40 cases).

In total 166 property related crimes were reported, down from 307 cases previously.

The camera system set up by the St Francis Bay Property Owners has played a big role in the reduction of crime in the town.

One murder took place in the St Francis Bay policing precinct and 11 attempted murder cases were reported.

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62 assaults with the intent to do grievous body harm were reported with a further 62 cases of common assault were also reported.

21 325 people were murdered in South Africa according to the crime stats, while 205 959 residential premises were burgled during the reporting period.

46 921 cases of theft of motor vehicles was reported country wide, while 118 213 cases of theft out of a motor vehicle were reported.

Photo: Clive Wright