The Ultimate JBay Surf Trip Guide

JBay is among the top ten destinations for surfers who need to enjoy the world’s most perfect waves.

The various surf breaks of Jeffreys Bay  are the main attraction to this part of the world, though that’s not the only exciting thing to enjoy.

With plenty of surf spots, JBay offers beach breaks, reef and point breaks and plenty of after surf entertainment.

Some information about JBay

Sitting on the southern coastline of South Africa, JBay is located in between Port Elizabeth and St. Francis Bay, which first rose to prominence through the 1966 movie “ The Endless Summer”.

This destination has become popular among surfers over the years, despite a shark incident occurring in 2015 during the finals of the Corona Open JBay.

Nonetheless, that unfortunate incident hasn’t stopped the World Surf League from organizing Championship Tour  events every winter in Jeffreys Bay.

Besides offering excellent surfing conditions, this town is bubbly and friendly to visitors.

There’s everything to create a memorable surfing trip, with professional surfers taking the opportunity to enjoy world-class surf spots.

Beginners also have an easy time finding a high-class surf school to give you the right footing in the spot.

When The Best Time To Visit JBay?

Depending on the conditions you want to enjoy, you can visit JBay at any time of the year. During the winter, there’s a bigger crowd because the waves are more consistent, though a bit colder.

The summer is windier, and waves are smaller, though with milder temperatures.

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Where to Stay in Jeffreys Bay

Due to its popularity as a surf mecca or a holiday town, JBay has lots of accommodation options. Some of the top-rated spots you can make your surf trip base include:

Island Vibe – Best Budget Accommodation

Located near the beach at the far end of town, Island Vibe is known for its social atmosphere and wild parties. You can find basic dorm accommodation, as well as private rooms with a terrace or balcony and amazing ocean views.

Shaloha Guesthouse – Best Mid-Range Accommodation

The Shaloha Guesthouse is located at the heart of Supertubes.

You can see the surfers in the lineup from the large balconies while soaking up the beautiful sea views.

They’ve got five newly designed luxurious suites, offering twin beds or a king bed with a flat-screen TV and air-conditioning, as well as en-suite bathroom.

Diaz-15 House – Best Luxury Accommodation

If you’re looking to make your trip as luxurious as it can get, the Diaz 15 House should on top of your list when it comes to accommodation.

Located on the main beach, it’s a short walk or drive to Kitchen Windows or Magnatubes.

Each patio in the hotel offers epic ocean views and great air conditioning while enjoying your satellite TV.

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