South African Police is re-enlisting former officers

The South African Police Service is giving an opportunity to trained and skilled police officers, who left the Service honourably on the ranks of Constable, Sergeant and Warrant Officer, to re-enlist.

The recruitment of former police officers forms part of the SAPS’s commitment to improving the staffing levels to enable the organisation to fulfil its Constitutional mandate of fighting crime and keeping the residents of South Africa safe and secure.

The organisation is losing members due to various reasons and Human Resource Management has to continue with other means of recruitment hence the re-enlistment of former members.

The successful candidates will be posted where there is currently a shortage including specialized units such as Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences, Public Order Police as well as newly established units such as Taxi Violence Unit, Cold Case Investigation and Murder & Robbery Unit.

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The SAPS, therefore appeals to former police officers who left the Service with a clean record, had been appointed as members in the organisation in terms of South African Police Service Act 68 of 1995, serving on the rank of Constable, Sergeant and Warrant Officer.

The official application forms can be obtained from the South African Police Service Website www.saps.gov.za.

The closing date for applications is ‪2020-07-31.