Quick response prevents robbery in Jeffreys Bay

Business owners along St Croix Street have praised local armed response officers for their quick response, which led to the apprehension of a suspect while he was in the process of burgling three shops located next to each other.

“One of our officers was busy patrolling the area on 5 July when he noticed an unidentified suspect running along the roof of one of the buildings. He immediately called for backup,” says Ryan Britz, Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for Jeffreys Bay.

By the time the backup arrived, the suspect had made his way into another shop and in the process tripped the business alarm system.

“Our officers searched the shop and quickly located the suspect as well as electronic leads that he had allegedly stolen from one of the three shops he had illegally gained entry into. Police were called to the scene,” says Britz.

No charges were laid against the suspect by either of the three shop owners and he was released.

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“The shop owners expressed their sincere appreciation to our officers for their quick response and we are delighted by the efforts from our team.

Criminals are opportunistic and are often on the lookout for soft targets. We have seen an increase in security technologies being implemented at various businesses due to the fact that CCTV solutions and other technologies have become a lot more affordable.

Jeffreys Bay business owners should remain vigilant and take the necessary safety precautions” says Britz.

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