Water Drive off to a great start

The water drive for Hankey and Patensie got off to a great start with residents and businesses coming on board to support the communities of Hankey and Patensie as they head towards the annual “dry period” from 11 – 26 July.

Hankey and Patensie depend on the Kouga Dam for water, which they receive via the canals. The level of the dam has dropped to below 7%.

In addition, the annual “dry period” – when the supply is turned off for the Gamtoos Irrigation Board to do essential maintenance to the canals – has been scheduled for 11 to 26 July.

“A special thank you to Afri Save for donating 20 000 litres of water over the weekend to fill up tanks at the informal settlement Stofwolk in Hankey, as well as to Pick n Pay and Just Water for the bulk donations of 5l bottles of water,” said Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks.

Drop off points for water are:

Jeffreys Bay:

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Pick n Pay – Fountains Mall
Oasis Water
Vida Water
Crystal Clear

St Francis Bay:



Fire Station

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