Fisherman dies on Oyster Bay beach

On Sunday afternoon (14 June 2020), the NSRI in Oyster Bay were activated following a request for urgent medical assistance from a local angler who reported that a fellow angler had collapased.

The 68 year old man from Bloemfontein had been fishing on the rocks on the Oyster Bay shoreline.

The man had not been feeling well and while he was walking back to his residence he collapsed.

The local angler called the NSRI emergency telephone number obtained from the information board of a nearby NSRI pink rescue buoy situated on the Oyster Bay beach.

The NSRI activated and on arrival on the scene they found the fisherman and discovered he didn’t have a pulse and was breathless..

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The patient was secured onto a stretcher and hiked to a Private Care ambulance that was parked nearby and he was transported to hospital with CPR continuing in the ambulance.

Family of the man were transported to the hospital by NSRI.

On arrival at the hospital doctors medically assessed the patient and sadly the man was declared deceased.

Photo of Oyster Bay beach by Clive Wright

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