You can train for a Tri-athlon but swimming remains banned in lockdown level 3

Professional athletes can start training in some non contact sports but swimmers will have to wait a while longer, even though tri-athletes are allowed to train.

These are some of the nonsensical rules that were gazetted by Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa under Government Regulation 669.

The following non contact sport is allowed during Lock down level 3

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2.Athletics (only leagues for International, Major competitions or Olympics qualification)
3.Baseball SA
4. Badminton SA
5. Canoeing SA
6. Cycling SA
7. Equestrian SA (no cross- border training)
8. Golf SA
9. Gymnastics SA
10. Rowing SA
11. Sailing SA
12. Shooting SA
13. Table Tennis SA
14. Tennis SA
15. Triathlon SA
16. Volleyball SA (outdoor)
17. Softball SA
18. South African Sport Anglers and Casting Confederation
19. Snow Sport
20. Chess South Africa.
21. Cricket SA
22. Bowls SA
23. Squash South Africa
24. Jukskei
25. Pigeon Organisation

Sports confederations and other oversight bodies have up to 14 days to submit plans to the minister before training and competition can resume.