Photo of the day – Flamingos at the Seekoei River

The Kouga Municipality obtained permission from Environmental Affairs to breach the mouth of the Seekoei River and allow fresh sea water to enter the estuary and reduce salinity levels.

The estuary is teeming with life again and the flamingos have returned to the Seekoei River mouth, much to the delight of local residents.

The area is well worth a visit with the Seekoei River Nature Reserve offering hiking trails and a bird hide where one can take in all the beauty on offer.

The Aston Bay beach is still pristine and is becoming more and more popular with holiday makers and locals alike – definitely something to keep in mind once beaches are open again.

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With social distancing expected to be with us for awhile, natural tourism assets like the Seekoei River Nature Reserve and uncrowded beaches like Aston Bay will surely attract tourists who want to experience nature and remain safe at the same time.

This photo of Greater Flamingos at the Seekoei River was taken by local photographer Clive Wright

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