Ban on hairdressers is irrational

The continued criminalisation of the personal care services industry under Level 3 is irrational, arbitrary and unlawful and needs to be challenged in court.

Thousands of people in this country earn a monthly income in this industry and its time for hairdressers to go back to work.

The continued ban of the personal care services industry bars hundreds of thousands of people from earning an income during an incredibly stressful and financially devastating period in South Africa, The Covid-19 pandemic is ripping lives and livelihoods apart and adding more dependents to the roll of grant recipients every day.

The National Treasury projected that 50% of South Africans could lose their jobs during the pandemic, and instead of trying to stem the tide, these nonsensical regulations from the Minister will simply ensure that those projections become set in stone.

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It is very clear that these businesses are able to comply with sanitation protocols; have the ability to track and trace any client or employee who may have come into contact with anyone infected by Covid-19; and are able to adopt social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the disease amongst clients and employees.

It simply makes no sense that the personal care industry is excluded from taking part in the economy in a safe manner with proper Covid-19 hygiene protocols in place, when so many other industries are allowed to open during level 3 of the lockdown.

The DA has requested their lawyers to write to Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, over the continuous ban on personal care services, like hairdressers and will litigate if necessary.