The Best Xbox Games to look forward to in May 2020

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These are the games that are meant for players to win real money. But at one point we all need to try something new and enjoy gaming with friends and family.

Well, there are some magnificent games from Microsoft that you need to look forward to. Xbox games have been evolving each and every day and that is one of the reasons you should look forward to some more action in this month of May.

However, Xbox might not encompass the same exclusive games like the one from PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. But it comes with handful games that are worth talking about and play.

It doesn’t really matter, whether you are looking for a long single-player game that comes with an amazing story. Microsoft Xbox will always have something in store for you.

For that reason, lets walk you through some of the best Xbox games you should look forward to in May 2020. Surely with these games you will never go wrong. All the excitement you need are available only with a touch of a button.

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Darksiders Genesis

The three Horseman of the Apocalypse make use of the melee weapons that are available in the Darksiders universe. But then Strife prefers his handguns.

The developer in this game Airship, Syndicate turned the series into the dungeon crawler.

The good thing about this game is that it enables players to play in multiplayer and there is also the single player mode that will allow you to ride solo. You can also check out https://www.paripop.com/fr for online slots similar to Xbox games.


Remedy Entertainment has something great for its fans to enjoy playing this month of May. The gaming developer might be known for creating one of the good Xbox game in Quantum Break.

But Control is actually something else. The game is extremely thrilling and you are kept at the edge of your seat throughout the game play. This is one of the Xbox games that you need to include in your bucket list.