Photo of the day – Marina Martinique

Marina Martinique was created in the early 1990’s with access from a small harbour to the sea and over 5 km of salt water canals for residents to swim, paddle and fish.

There is no longer a harbour but the Marina has gone on to become the prime real estate development in Kouga and led the way in appreciation of property values according to the 2017 General Valuation Role.

It is not difficult to understand why Martinique has attained a reputation for quality of life and security and is also known as the open water swim capital of South Africa with national level events held in the canals every summer season.

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With the expectation that Covid-19 is going to impact the property market with more people working from home and demanding a secure living environment, the Marina should once again be in demand.

Nicholas Melck took this magnificent image over the canals at Marina Martinique.

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