Great White Sharks swim with Surfers in Australia

Tuncurry’s Nine Mile Beach in Australia was the scene of classic interaction between surfers and Great White Sharks on 14 May 2020.

With clean waves coming through and the late afternoon sunset providing great light, aerial photographer Adam Fitzroy was trying to get a shot of the surfers when he spotted two sharks swimming within metres of them.

“I flew out over the surfers to compose my shot of them in the sunset and when I panned down the sharks were there,” he said.

Surfers confirmed that they didnt even see the sharks in the water.

“I found it quite reassuring that the sharks werent interested in us and were just swimming past when they came across us,” said one of the surfers.

Long-time Forster surfer, Rob Dent, was in the water at the time, and while he admitted none of the surfers had any idea the sharks were there, he said it wouldn’t deter him from the ocean.

“We surf arvos and mornings everyday,” he said.

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“It probably happens a lot and we don’t really know, he told Great Lakes Advocate.

Surfing has returned to normal right after the interaction with the sharks.

More footage can be found on Adam Fitzroy’s facebook page

Stock feature photo of a Great White Shark.

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