Dont wear a new t-shirt in public under latest lockdown regulations

You can buy a new t-shirt under the new trade regulations but have to wear it under a jacket according to Regulation R523 that was gazetted last night by Trade and Industries Minister Ebrahim Patel.

South Africans have reacted with disbelief, with John Steenhuizen, the leader of the DA, saying that at this rate wearing a t-shirt, unless as an undergarment, is going to be a revolutionary act!

“Its time to stop this petty nonsense and focus on dealing with the virus and getting our economy back to work.

Instead of ministers sitting around tables looking at ways to protect lives and livelihoods they are spending their time making petty and pathetic decisions and crafting nonsense like this.

All the while the economy is tanking, jobs are disappearing and people are suffering,” said Steenhuizen.

With reports of citizens being harassed for smoking in public and not wearing a mask in a car, will some over zealous law enforcement officers begin to insist that wearing a short sleeve tshirt in public is going to spread the virus and is against the law?

Clothing, footwear and bedding permissible for sale under Alert Level 4

The following categories of clothing and footwear and bedding are permissible for sale by retailers during Alert Level 4 in terms of Part E of Table 1 of the Regulations:

3.1. All baby and toddler clothing and footwear.

3.2. All children’s wear, including:

3.2.1. outerwear;
3.2.2. underwear;
3.2.3. sleepwear;
3.2.4. school wear and school shoes;
3.2.5. footwear;
3.2.6. socks; and
3.2.7. related accessories.

3.3. All maternity wear.

3.4. All adult sleepwear and gowns.

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3.5. All adult underwear.

3.6. The following adult footwear categories:

3.6.1. boots;
3.6.2. slippers;
3.6.3. closed-toe heels;
3.6.4. closed-toe flat shoes;
3.6.5. sneakers and trainers;
3.6.6. smart closed-toe shoes; or
3.6.7. casual closed-toe shoes.

3.7. The following adult outerwear categories:

3.7.1. active wear, including gym, running and other exercise apparel;
3.7.2. knitwear;
3.7.3. jackets and coats;
3.7.4. dresses;
3.7.5. long sleeved tops;
3.7.6. long sleeved t-shirts;
3.7.7. denim jeans and denim jackets;
3.7.8. pants;
3.7.9. skirts;
3.7.10. short sleeved knit tops, where promoted and displayed as worn under cardigans and knitwear;
3.7.11. short sleeved t-shirts, where promoted and displayed as under garments for warmth;
3.7.12. leggings;
3.7.13. crop bottoms worn with boots and leggings;
3.7.14. shirts, either short- or long-sleeved, where displayed and promoted to be worn under jackets coats and/or knitwear;
3.7.15. golf shirts; or
3.7.16. one-pieces such as bodysuits.

3.8. The following adult accessories:

3.8.1. shawls and scarves;
3.8.2. beanies;
3.8.3. gloves;
3.8.4. socks;
3.8.5. belts;
3.8.6. headwear;
3.8.7. gym and exercise apparel accessories; and
3.8.8. hair accessories.

3.9 The following bedding categories:

3.9.1 baby bedding and blankets;
3.9.2 duvets;
3.9.3 duvet inners;
3.9.4 blankets;
3.9.5 comforters;
3.9.6 quilts;
3.9.7 mattress protectors;
3.9.8 pillows;
3.9.9 throws;
3.9.10 sheets and pillow cases; and
3.9.11 electric blankets.

These Directions come into effect on the date of publication in the Government Gazette, and shall remain in force for the duration of Alert Level 4.

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