Beaches remain closed under Level 4 lockdown

Thousands of South Africans took to the streets and beaches yesterday as Level 4 lockdown allows jogging, walking and cycling under the regulations passed earlier in the week.

While the regulations make allowance for people to exercise within a 5 km radius of their homes, going onto beaches is still not allowed.

There are a number of places that remain closed under the level 4 lockdown.

This is what the regulation says:

Places and premises closed to the public

. 24 (1) Any place or premises normally open to the public where religious, cultural, sporting, entertainment. recreational, exhibitional, organisational or similar activities may take place. is closed.

(2) Any place or premises normally open to the public or where people may gather, are prohibited.

These include- (a) public parks, sports grounds and fields, beaches and swimming pools; (b) flea markets; (c) fêtes and bazaars: (d) night clubs; (e) casinos; (f) hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, airbnbs’, timeshare facilities and resorts, and guest houses,

Unfortunately there were many people who went walking on the beaches yesterday, from Jeffreys Bay to Cape Town.

Surfers also came into conflict with law enforcement officers in Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay and Long Beach in Cape Town.

It is not clear how many surfers and beach walkers were fined but it seems the authorities will be clamping down over the next few days.

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Police Minister Bheki Cele said yesterday that it will be easy to go back to level 5 if people dont want to listen.

“People were running and cycling with no social distancing and that is completely prohibited. South Africans are not taking the matter seriously so they are forcing us to be tough and more rigid,” said Cele.

“Nobody can say they dont understand the regulations as they have been widely communicated so its not true that people dont know. If you break the law you a danger to yourself and your community,” added Cele.

Government seems to have forgotten the whole reason we locked down in the first place, said John Steenhuizen, the leader of the DA.

“Lockdown is to ensure  our wellbeing. Now citizens are told they can only exercise between 6am and 9am – as if exercising after work in the evening is somehow bad for them.

If anything, this is less safe, as people will all be out at the same time,” said Steenhuizen regarding the regulations that stipulate South Africans can only exercise between those times.

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Photo: Joey Nel

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