7000 soaps distributed in Kouga -more needed

Almost 7 000 households across Kouga were armed with soap and educational pamphlets ahead of the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown on Friday.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the joint awareness drive took place last week to help vulnerable communities prepare for the lockdown.

Roleplayers included Kouga Municipality, the Department of Health and community organisations such as the St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group and Oyster Bay Ratepayers Association.

A soap drive was held in support of the campaign and thousands of bars were donated by businesses and individuals.

“Schools and their governing bodies, including Hankey Primary, also got involved and made it possible to reach even more families,” he said.

He encouraged residents to continue practicing good hygiene during lockdown.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) , soap and water is the best protective measure against the coronavirus. Hand sanitiser is a good backup but only if the alcohol content is 60% or higher.

“It is very important not to touch your face unless you have just washed your hands,” Hendricks said.

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“The virus is spread through liquid droplets expelled when someone coughs or sneezes. These droplets then cling to surfaces, including people’s hands.

“If you touch your face with contaminated hands, it allows the virus to enter your body through your nose, mouth or eyes.”

The WHO suggest that people should apply a palmful of soap or handwashing liquid to a cupped hand, and rub hands palm to palm, while interlacing their fingers to cover every surface of their hands.

This should be done for at least 20 seconds. Rinse and dry your hands properly.

* Soap donations are still welcome for distribution to families-in-need. Should you wish to donate, please send a whatsapp to 073 414 3124 (whatsapp or sms only).

* Cash donations are also welcome and can be paid into the following account:

Bank: First National Bank
Branch code: 210515
Account name: Mayors Intervention
Account number: 62 082 103 591
Account Type: Cheque Account
Reference: C19 & YOUR SURNAME

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