First COVID-19 case confirmed in St Francis Bay

Kouga has its first confirmed Covid-19 case as the Municipality battled to get people to stay at home during the first two days of lock down.

The patient who is visiting St Francis Bay, has been quarantined and is being treated by a local doctor.

The Department of Health will be stepping in to commence contact tracing.

There are now 1187 positive cases in South Africa with ten in the Eastern Cape and one in Kouga.

Two surfers were among those sent home with a stern warning in Kouga on Friday for failing to heed lock down restrictions.

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According to Police Minister Bheki Cele, 55 people were arrested countrywide on day one of the nationwide lockdown for refusing to adhere to the restrictions.

Residents are reminded that you may not leave your home to go for a walk, jog, swim, surf or any other leisure activities during the lockdown period.

It is now more important than ever for everyone to stay home and adhere to the lock down rules.

Together we can stop the spread and save lives.

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