Seekoei River mouth opened to save fish in the lagoon

Sea water has been flowing into the Seekoei estuary after the Kouga Municipality breached the mouth over the weekend.

The aim is for the sea water to lower the salinity of the estuary. The salinity of the estuary has become so high that fish and other life have been dying in great numbers.

The Seekoei is an open/closed estuary, meaning the mouth goes through periods when it is open to the sea and other times it stays closed.

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However, with a general decline in rainfall over the past few years, coupled with dams upstream, there is insufficient base flow entering the estuary, while sand build up at the mouth has ensured there is limited fresh water inflow from either the rivers or the sea.

The Seekoei River mouth is situated between Aston Bay and Paradise Beach and forms part of the Seekoei River Nature Reserve.

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