Planning for new road to Aston Bay begins

Pre planning for the proposed extension of Duine Road in Jeffreys Bay is in full swing.

Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor, Freddy Campher, said the engineering and environmental consulting firm JG Afrika had been appointed through an open tender process to do the pre-planning.

“The Council is looking at the possibility of extending Duine Road, which runs along the coast in Pellsrus, through to Ocean Road, west of the Marina Martinique.

“This will then serve as an alternative route between Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay,” he said.

He said the service provider’s scope of work included determining the route and designing the road.

“They will also be conducting several specialist studies,” he said. “The Traffic Impact Study has already been done. Other work to be conducted this year, includes a Wetland Delineation and Functionality Assessment, an Ecological Assessment, Heritage Impact Assessment and Estuarine Management Study.”

He said it could take up to 12 months to conclude the pre-planning.

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“Once this process has been finalised and funding has been secured, the municipality will appoint a contractor for the actual construction of the road.”

Campher said an alternative route had become a necessity due to increased safety concerns along the Aston Bay road.

“Pedestrians, including school children, who travel to and from Ocean View have to cross the Aston Bay road. There is a lot of traffic, which means there is a high risk of someone being hit by a vehicle.

“The municipality has, in partnership with businesses, put in place additional safety measures along the road, including fencing and pedestrian crossings.

“An alternative route would, however, also help to lessen the amount of traffic and further lower the risk of accidents.”

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