Where to stay in West Coast National Park

Sitting outside a chalet amongst the fynbos of the West Coast National Park as the sun goes down over the Langebaan Lagoon is an experience to savour.

While lighting the fire there is a noise on the path and suddenly a massive eland comes walking into view followed by more of the herd, is just one of the encounters that could be experienced at the Duinepos Chalets, accommodation situated within the West Coast National Park.

Bird life is abundant and the bush around the chalets is a hive of activity while the swimming pool attracts a number of birds who fly in for a dip.

One can also take a walk up a path that leads to the dune fields to the east of the Duinepos chalets and a visit to the swimming pool is a great way to recover from the somewhat strenuous walk through the fynbos.

Duinepos Chalets is a community-based project brought to life in 2005 as part of the sustainable livelihoods program of the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

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During the first phase, eight old houses previously occupied by staff of the West Coast National Park were restored, the service infrastructure was upgraded, the area was landscaped and a swimming pool, boma (out-door recreational area), and 3 additional chalets to the facilities.

For this phase an eco-friendly approach was taken and a local crew was empowered to build using the sand bag method.

The success story now provides 3 star accommodation that blends in with West Coast fynbos.

It is here where nature lovers from all over the world come to recharge their spirits and each Chalet is situated to ensure privacy, peace and tranquility.

Flamingos at the Langebaan Lagoon by Clive Wright

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