Cleaning up in St Francis Bay

The Kromme Enviro-Trust took to the streets ‪yesterday‬ and were enthusiastically supported by around 40 energetic St Francis residents in cleaning up a mountain of litter on and near St Francis Drive in Santareme – St Tarragona to Otter’s landing.

There were about 65 full bags of rubbish comprising mainly of beer bottles, energy drink tins and cigarette boxes.

More street clean ups planned – your area could be next!

Watch this space

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St Francis Bay is also playing host to the Wine on Water Festival that is taking place on the canals on 27 and 28 March.

The brainchild of the Rotary Club Of St Francis, the Wine On Water festival is a unique concept that consists of 20 fine wine estates setting up tasting decks at private homes on the canals in St Francis, and festival-goers will be delivered on river barges to these tasting decks.

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