Not enough Police in Jeffreys Bay

The South African Police is insufficiently resourced to fight crime Jeffreys Bay.

A growing population and an increase in crime in many parts of Jeffreys Bay requires the appropriate resources to keep the community safe.

The recent resignation of the Community Police Forum Chairperson, Andy Thysman has also not helped in the fight against crime in the once peaceful town of Jeffreys Bay, where residents were quite comfortable to go to bed at night and leave doors and windows open, knowing that they were safe in their own homes.

“The Station Commander, Col Kiewiet, confirmed that visible policing is a major problem with vehicles in the garage for repair and insufficient manpower to patrol.

She indicated that most nights there is only one vehicle with two officers patrolling the streets,” said Andrew Whitfield, the DA Shadow Minister of Police .

The crime statistics released in 2019 revealed that there is a house breaking in Jeffreys Bay almost every single day.

This combined with an increase in other crimes such as common assault and theft of goods from vehicles contributes to a case load which is out of control.

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The people of Jeffrey’s Bay deserve a responsive and professional police service that will arrive at the scene of a crime quickly and handle all complaints with compassion.

A few years ago the Jeffrey’s Bay Police station was downgraded from ‘Full Colonel’ to ‘Half Colonel’ which means less resources to fight crime.

“I will be writing to the National Police Commissioner to report on my visit and demand the reinstatement of ‘Full Colonel’ status for the Jeffreys police station so this community can get the resources they deserve,” added Whitfield.

Other issues that were raised include:

  • The status of the CPF and the role of the station commander in supporting the CPF
  • Escalation of drug related incidents
  • Gang violence
  • State of vehicles
  • Crime Statistics

“The DA will fight this issue tooth and nail at a National and provincial level to ensure that the residents of Jeffreys Bay can live in safety,” said Whitfield.

Photo: Joey Nel

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