Ward Assistants connect residents with councillors

Kouga Municipality is making it easier for communities to connect with their ward councillors.

Ward assistants are now in place in all 15 wards.

Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman said the ward assistants would serve as a link between communities, ward councillors and the municipality.

“Due to their work commitments, ward councillors cannot always be at their offices or in their communities,” he explained.

“The municipality has, therefore, appointed a ward assistant for each ward councillor so as to ensure that community members are helped promptly with their queries and complaints.”

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He said most of the ward assistants were stationed at ward councillors’ offices.

“We are also busy improving the existing ward councillors’ offices and establishing ones in those wards that do not yet have these facilities.”

Bornman officially welcomed the ward assistants last week. Each assistant also received a badge to make it easier for community members to identify them.

Photo:Joey Nel

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