Most Memorable FIFA World Cup Songs

Music is part of everything that we do. That is why the best of events have a song that is linked to them. Even the most famous games like soccer has songs that are linked to them.

Just like how we remember online casino games by the songs that are played in the background, visit https://fr.goldenrivieracasino.com/ for a list of gambling related songs. Talking of soccer and songs, we will look at some of the best Soccer FIFA World Cup songs ever.

Best Soccer World Cup Songs

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa): Shakira -2010

In 2010, the World Cup was held in South Africa. The song of the 2010 World Cup was Shakiraโ€™s Waka Waka featuring Freshly Ground. You could hear the song being plated in almost all households, both in Africa and beyond. The song had an amazing tempo and was upbeat. This is how it managed to get the attention of so people as well as how it got many people dancing to its tune.

Ricky Martin: La Copa de la Vida

The 1998 World Cup gave us an amazing Spanish song, la Copa de la Vida. While most people may not speak Spanish, one of the songs lines that were memorized by everyone in the song was โ€œ: Here We Go, Ale Ale, Aleโ€. The World Cup was in this year held in France. With the host being the ones who managed to walk away as the victors while offering fans an opportunity to predict the scores via best sports betting sites.

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Waving Flag: Kโ€™naan

The Celebration Mix while not the official song for the 2010 World Cup, still managed to capture the hearts of many. It was seen in most of the adverts and was played whenever Coca Cola World Cup adverts were on screen. As such, though not the official song, was part of the songs that may remind us of the 2010 World Cup by.

Live it Up: Nicky Jam, Will Smith, Era Istrefi

The song echoes the importance of teamwork as well as how we have one life and how we should live up. This was the official song of the 2018 World Cup that was held in Russia.

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