Dwarf Sperm Whale beached at Oyster Bay

On Sunday, 26th January, the NSRI Oyster Bay assisted a Dwarf Sperm Whale which had beached at Oyster Bay.

The whale, appearing to be in poor health, was attended on the beach and Bay World Marine Scientists assisted with advice and DEFF (The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries) were alerted.

The whale was loaded onto a back-board and transported off-shore of Oyster Bay on the NSRI sea rescue craft Pierre Oyster Bay 1 and released out at sea.

The whale appeared to swim away once it was released and as a precaution NSRI monitored the coastline.

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Later on Sunday, the whale beached again at the eastern rocks of Oyster Bay Beach.

DEFF and Bay World were contacted and on examination, found the whale to be in poor health, arrangements were made and the whale has been humanely euthanized.

Samples of the whale have been collected for Bay World and DEFF.

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