Photo of the day – rain at Supertubes

Much needed rain has fallen over Jeffreys Bay during the past couple of days, with reports of rain also falling in the catchment areas.

According to the Gamtoos Irrigation Board, 1.5 mm of rain has fallen at the Kouga Dam while 6.5 mm fell in Patensie on Tuesday alone.

Yesterday, 6.5 mm fell at the Kouga Dam and 16 mm at Patensie.

However, the drought persists with the Kouga Dam at a critical 22.7 % of capacity with a lot more rain required to make a difference.

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The rain has given Jeffreys Bay a fresh look and feel and local photographer Joey Nel was at Supertubes to capture this magnificent image of the boardwalks on a rainy day.

More rain is expected this morning and should clear around lunchtime today.

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