Forward Santareme 2020

Residents look at the next step for the greater Santareme area

During the gathering that was the St Francis Property Owners AGM and the St Francis Property Owners Non Profit Company AGM at the end of last year, the first meeting of the day was somewhat overlooked.

Security, Bush Clearance, The Roads

David Harpur chaired the first meeting, titled ‘Forward Santareme 2020’ and there were three main items on the agenda. They were the issues of security, bush clearance and of the state of the roads.

All three were touched upon, with some very positive input from floor, with most of them being residents desperate to get involved in restoring and repairing that which has fallen into disrepair.

Santareme SRA

The matter of a Santareme SRA (Special Rating Area) was brought up, and there were many comments and ideas thrown into the ring – all being said with respect and decorum.

Santareme can be divided into a number of sections, including the original Santareme, St Francis-On-Sea, The Port and Otters Landing, with many having their own, or even more than one governing body.

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One idea was to further subdivide a SRA into separate sections, with each having their own needs and possibly their own operating structures.

Bruce’s Beauties

There is also the talk of an extra sand-pumping project that might come into play that will nourish the Bruce’s Beauties wave, and once again make it one of the best and most iconic surfing waves in the whole area.

This alone could see people flocking back to the area to surf this natural wonder of the surfing world in its original form.

The meeting, held at The Links, was positive and passionate, and the general feeling of optimism and decorum throughout the meeting bodes well for the future of this wonderful area.

North facing with sea views is incredibly rare on the east coast, and when the whole Santareme area starts upgrading and looking better, there is a definite that properties will be sought after and prices will escalate in accordance with demand.

Photo: Clive Wright

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