Surfers give input into proposed new groyne placement in St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay – a somewhat impromptu meeting took place between members of the St Francis Bay Special Rating Area, a few members of the St Francis Community, some surfers as well as representatives of the Seal Point Boardriders Club.

The gathering was to chat about the proposed groyne placement, the outside reefs, the wave formations and the predominant current direction and strength, with everyone throwing their information and their experience into the pool in a total and open sharing of information.

The Boardriders Club exercises certain control over the surf spots from Seal Point to the Kromme River Mouth, mainly to ensure that anyone who wants to run a contest or contests does so through the correct channels and adhere to the local by-laws.

The Seal Point Boardriders Club is also affiliated to Surfing South Africa, the national governing body of the sport, and recognized by the Government and South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

“We support our affiliates, so we would support the decisions made by the Seal Point Boardriders Club Committee,” said Robin De Kock, General Manager for Surfing South Africa.

“I think the development of groynes and the sand nourishment of Bruce’s Beauties would be wonderful for the sport of surfing and for surfers throughout the country.

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In a spirited conversation at the Anne Avenue car park, the surfers and SRA members had maps and diagrams out, and were pointing out reefs, waves potential new surf spots and currents, and where the best waves break, as a crew of local groms headed out to get a few of the tiny lefts breaking in front of the car-park.

More on the SRA projects here – https://stfrancispropertyowners.co.za/sra-projects/

Seal Point Boardriders Facebook Page here :


Photo: Bruces Beauties by Stan Blumberg

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