DA welcomes judgement to dissolve Makana Council

The Democratic Alliance in the Eastern Cape has welcomed the judgement in the Makhanda High Court ordering the Makana (Grahamstown) municipal council to be dissolved and a new administrator appointed until a new council is elected.

The DA has on numerous occasions called for the council to be dissolved so that fresh elections can be held and the people can vote in a government that is actually capable of bringing change to Makana.

“The current failing ANC government has run this once prosperous municipality into the ground. Years of maladministration, the total collapse of service delivery, massive Eskom debt, the growing water crisis and several audit disclaimers by the Auditor-General are only a few examples of how the ANC has failed the people of Makana,” said Nqaba Bhanga, the DA EC Provincial Leader.

“Residents now have a golden opportunity to vote for change and put the Makana Local Municipality back on track by electing a new DA-led government.

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It is time for a government that puts the people first.

The DA has the best track record in South Africa when it comes to governance and we look forward to this new challenge.

The court has also set a positive precedent that can be used in defunct municipalities across the province and we will consider taking the same route to dissolve the council of the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, which has been plagued by maladministration and a total collapse of service delivery,” added Bhanga.

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